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Shared Economy CPA

Tax deductions and benefits are always being found, as many exist for those who do not know of them. They range in amount, as well as what they pertain to, but many people are unaware of the special tax breaks that they can get. For Shared Economy CPA cases, there are even more special tax breaks, that can be very beneficial for those who want it. Here are some of the tax breaks that are found for Lyft Drivers, Uber Drivers, and Airbnb workers. 

Uber And Lyft Drivers

For those who drive people around, there are some tax deductions that can help you save money when it comes time to pay taxes. Below are some examples of special tax deductions that both Lyft and Uber drivers get. 

  • Parking Fees And Tolls
  • Car Interest
  • Educational Expenses
  • Commision Fees That You May Charge

For Airbnb Outsourcers

People who rent out their home for lodging also get specific tax rates. Here are some of them that may be available for Airbnb people who rent out their lodging space. 

  • Utilities
  • Cleaning Fees
  • Insurance Expenses
  • Home Repairs

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