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Trust & Estate Consulting

An effective trust and estate management plan is absolutely essential to ensure that your wealth is passed on to beneficiaries in an orderly fashion. The involvement of a CPA firm is vital for this, as we have the necessary knowledge and experience to assist you in the best possible manner. With the right plan you will find that tax burdens on beneficiaries are reduced, the estate is distributed with minimum delay and that your choice is the only thing that really matters. 

We are a CPA company that has handled Trust and Estate Consulting, Reporting and Administration for a large variety of clients over many years. We are capable of providing you with complete assistance in setting up an estate management plan. And of course our services go beyond just that. Accumulation and conservation of your assets is another important task for which we can help you create an efficient arrangement. 

Why is our company the best suited for your needs? 

We are a well-known and reputed organization with years of experience in the financial and estate planning field. We work in tandem with your attorney, trustees and other advisors to ensure that your demands are met with as soon as possible. Our firm guarantees that transfer of estates and assets is done at the lowest tax rates and in an orderly fashion. Laws that impact estates and trusts can change often and we make it a point to keep you updated with the latest developments. There are many reasons why we are a step ahead of other businesses when it comes to estate and trust management:

1. The client is always given the highest priority. We are aware of the trust and responsibility that is placed on us, and hence make it a point to keep a working personal relationship with our clients. This is done through regular meetings and discussions.

2. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, it will be possible to formulate a perfect plan for your assets. A number of factors come into play including net worth, asset mix, cash flow and family concerns. We will be able to make a personalized plan that works for your situation.

3. We ensure that clients are completely comfortable working with us. Through this, clients are far more trusting and provide the necessary financial information. This is why we make it a point to always be respectful, polite and well mannered. After all, these meetings are only productive if both parties are completely comfortable with each other. Regular access to this data will also help us in making any modifications and changes to your plan. Of course, we ensure that that the client is informed of all this much beforehand.

We are always ready to serve you and will work with you to provide the most feasible estate management plan. We make sure that all our work is done only after detailed discussions with your attorney, life insurance agent and financial planners. So for the most effective estate management plans, be sure to give us a call.

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